Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Yes, I am forever a shadowhunter but a part of me belongs to J.K Rowling. Cursed Child was amazing! I finished the whole script in about 1 and a half hour ( FYI, that's not very long). NO SPOILERS, kinda.

The Cursed Child is a book about Albus Severus Potter and how his and Harry's relationship isn't very loving. Of course, Harry loves Albus, and of course Albus does too, but Albus wishes Harry Potter the Great, Amazing and Flawless wasn't his father. Harry also comes across the message Too much love blinds. 

 This book by Rowling is said to be the last of The Harry Potter series. Many people say that Harry Potter was insulted in this book from the reviews I've read, and say it's just another fan fiction.

Albus makes friends with Scorpius Malfoy! And I'm DYING! He has this thing for Rose which is extremely sweet despite her being a Weasley-Granger. So basically, Al and Scorpius get into a little trouble, which could possibly change the whole wizarding world. I'm gonna stop here because all you wonderful people HAVE to read this book

Fangirl forever

After the Engagement 3

Jace heard Clary scream and ran into Isabelle’s room. Isabelle bent down to pick up Clary’s phone and Clary saw Jace and asked slowly as tears swelled up in her eyes, “Jace, is it true? Mom’s actually- actually pregnant?”
Jace held both of Clary’s arms and said “Yes, Clary. Your mom didn’t want to tell you until she knew it was true. After the doctor told her, Luke convinced her not to tell you because you were already confused with all the Institute problems.”
Jace eyed Isabelle and said “I just think few people don’t remember what they’re supposed to say, and what not.”
Clary withdrew her arms from Jace and walked to Isabelle who was staring at the 2 of them talk. Clary put her arms around Isabelle’s neck and said “Actually, I should be thanking Isabelle for telling me”
Isabelle nodded with a proud and mocking smile and said “I have to ask Simon something, I’ll be right back.” Jace stepped towards Clary, while Clary lifted both her arms into the air and stepped backward “I thought we were trying out the ‘I don’t care if Clary’s gonna hurt or get offended, I’m gonna tell her’ thing? Great Jace, Great” and walked out.  Jace called after her, “Clary!”
Simon saw Clary storm out of the room with Jace calling out for her. Simon then thought, she probably knows about Jocelyn.
Clary looks to Simon with an accusing and fierce look and said “You knew?”  Simon stuttered “Uh, partially, I mean –“
“Forget it, I’m going home and talking to mom!” Clary said, picking up her bag.
Jace said loudly “No! You cannot go home! Its strict orders-, uh, wait, no. You just can’t”
Clary inquired “Strict what?” Simon looked to Jace, and Jace looked at Clary. Simon broke the awkward silence by saying “Not strict orders, he probably means to say so many orders, um, like, Izzy ordered a lot of food, like Salmon!”
Clary looked tired and said “Whatever you guys are hiding, I will find out and you won’t hide it forever. “ Jace took Clary’s arm as she turned around and said, “Clary, I know you want me to tell you everything even though you hurt, but I can’t, because it hurts me if you do. You know I love you.”
“Jace, first, the pregnancy and now whatever strict orders you guys are talking about, next what? Sebastian’s not dead? Wonderful! I don’t care anymore, I’m going home.”
Jace pulled Clary into a fierce kiss, while Simon muttered as he turned around to find Isabelle “Why, I say, Why does this always happen when I’m there.”
Clary pulled away from Jace, “No, don’t distract me, tell me. I won’t go home then.”
Jace said with a huge sigh “Okay, but you won’t tell your mom I told you, okay?”
Clary nodded, and waited for Jace to tell her something.  Jace slowly said, “Clary, it’s just that the Clave said we, shadowhunters have to be in the uh, uh, Institute after um, 8 pm. That’s it.”
Clary studied Jace’s face and said “Jace Herondale, you are an expert at lying to me. Tell me the truth.” Jace gave up and said “Okay, Clary. The Wild hunt is hunting down shadowhunters to turn into faeries. Your mom told all of us to not tell you, of course.”
“Argh! Always, protecting me from this and protecting me from that. I am not the only shadowhunter here and nor are you, so why?!” Clary says curling her hands into fists.

Jace deliberately said “Clary, the Wild Hunt Is looking for shadowhunters, but who they want is, you.”

Fangirl Forever