Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Yes, I am forever a shadowhunter but a part of me belongs to J.K Rowling. Cursed Child was amazing! I finished the whole script in about 1 and a half hour ( FYI, that's not very long). NO SPOILERS, kinda.

The Cursed Child is a book about Albus Severus Potter and how his and Harry's relationship isn't very loving. Of course, Harry loves Albus, and of course Albus does too, but Albus wishes Harry Potter the Great, Amazing and Flawless wasn't his father. Harry also comes across the message Too much love blinds. 

 This book by Rowling is said to be the last of The Harry Potter series. Many people say that Harry Potter was insulted in this book from the reviews I've read, and say it's just another fan fiction.

Albus makes friends with Scorpius Malfoy! And I'm DYING! He has this thing for Rose which is extremely sweet despite her being a Weasley-Granger. So basically, Al and Scorpius get into a little trouble, which could possibly change the whole wizarding world. I'm gonna stop here because all you wonderful people HAVE to read this book

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