Wednesday, June 29, 2016

After the Engagement

Well, for people who have read the Midnight Lady by Cassandra Clare, you guys would get it.
For people who don't, Just comment below.

Magnus dropped Clary and Jace off at Jocelyn’s apartment.  It was raining heavily and Jace had given his jacket to Clary and both of them ran quickly off to the steps of the apartment. Jace looked at Clary, quite perplexed and slowly broke the awkward silence by saying “Uh, Clary. Umm, you know, I like kind of asked you something at Izzy’s party….You still didn’t answer and I’m still waiting.
Clary knew what Jace of talking about. Clary wasn’t ready yet to say anything back so she didn’t reply. “Goddammit Clary, this is really important okay? It’s about my life, our life!” Jace said loudly in a high pitched voice. Clary paused for a moment and said “Listen, I didn’t see that coming from you right now okay? I was kinda shocked. I just need some time, and plus we are too-“
“-young. Yeah Clary. I know. I know we are too young to get married but just see, Simon and Isabelle are the same age and… Wait, Clary do you not love me anymore?” Jace questioned looking quite depressed.
Clary looked at Jace as if he was stupid and she took Jace’s arms and said “Jace, I’ll always love you, till the day I die. Simon and Isabelle? They are different, they just aren’t like us, I mean-“
“I get it, I know you needed time. How stupid of me to ask you now, unprepared” Jace said looking into Clary’s eyes. He slowly took his arms out of Clary’s hands and gently slid them into her red curls. Clary took Jace’s jacket up before he could realize, and she threw the jacket at Jace and said “Ill race you up!”


Simon screamed “By the Angel, where are Jace and Clary? Where’d they go?! It’s our goddamn engagement” Alec said pretty loudly “Magnus too!” Isabelle, the only one calm said pointing to a dark figure in the hallway of the Institute “There you go, Magnus Bane, where are those two lovebirds? Where have you guys been? Someone told us you guys went out so we kind of like partied the whole time but since you guys didn’t come back after a very long time we sent everyone home and we started searching for you guys.”
Magnus first eyed Alec and said “Hey Alec. Hello Simon and Isabelle. I just dropped them off at Jocelyn’s apartment. We just went for a small walk”
Alec sighed in relief “Thank the Angel nothing happened to you guys” he turned to Iz and said “Wait, aren’t we having a small party at home tomorrow with us, Jace and Clary?” Isabelle’s face lit up and said “Oh yeah, we are gonna have the party of our lifetime”
Simon whispered “Party of our lifetime? Sure.” Isabelle gave Simon a look, took his hand and said “Yeah, party of our lifetime. I have to pick out my dress and yours so if you may excuse us, we have things to do”
Alec groaned “Yeah, whatever.” Magnus took Alec’s arm and said “I guess we have things to do too?”

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    Write more!
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  2. This is really good.
    Just wish it was completely true!

  3. This is really good.
    Just wish it was completely true!

  4. This is really good.
    Just wish it was completely true!

  5. Thanks,
    IKR, that's why we write them,