Friday, July 22, 2016

After the Engagement 2


Clary slowly opened the door, Luke and Jocelyn were sitting in front of the Television still in their party suits. Luke looked at them and furiously said “Clarissa and Jace, where were you both, huh? I and Jocelyn were worried sick! You can’t just go somewhere in the middle of your best friend’s and your sister’s engagement!”
Jace replied “Um, we just went for a small walk, and uh, Magnus joined us too”
Luke murmured “Bane” and Jocelyn said, looking quite tired “Honey, you can’t run off to wherever you want. Plus in a situation like this other than you and Luke, who would help me?” Clary looked at her mom and inquired “What? What situation like this?”
Luke looked at Jace and asked him “She doesn’t know?” Jace shrugged and said “Well, I couldn’t tell her cause it isn’t my secret to tell.
Clary said fiercely “Oh by the Angel, just tell me already.”
Jocelyn slowly got up “Clary, honey… I’m –“
Clary’s phone started to ring, so Clary said “One sec”
 Jace looked at Jocelyn and she nodded. Clary said, after ending the all “Isabelle wants me and Jace in the Institute now.”
Clary looked at her mom and suggested “You could tell me tomorrow? Or Jace could tell me because Isabelle really needs me there.”
“Yeah, I’ll tell you tomorrow” said her mom
Jace said “Okay then, let’s leave. I’ll drop Clary tomorrow evening after the party”
Isabelle shouted “Clary’s coming over for the night!” Simon said “Finally! Someone cares about me.” “Clary is coming over to help with the party. ” snapped Isabelle. Simon rolled his eyes and walked out of Izzy’s Room.
Isabelle screamed “Clary’s gonna be sleeping in my room Simon! You’re going to have to go home!” and she continued to choose between her black shiny heels and her white shiny heels.
Alec entered into her room and said “Iz! Jace’s here!” and walked back out. Isabelle almost dropped her white shiny heel, but it fell on the carpet, and she sighed in relief because it was too precious.  She slowly put it back into her cupboard full of shoes and sauntered out.
“Isabelle! How was the big engagement party?! I’m so sorry but Jace insisted on going for a walk.” exclaimed Clary. Isabelle smiled and said “It was awesome! Of course, it was Jace who insisted.”
Clary grinned and said “So, need any help?”
“Nah, I’m all good, but there’s one thing that is bothering me” Isabelle said gently.

“Okay?” Clary replied

“I don’t know what to wear! My white shiny heels or my black shiny heels!” said Isabelle quite sarcastically.
Clary grinned “Black, always black.”
Isabelle asked Clary after “Well do you need help? Like with Jocelyn and stuff….?” Clary enquired “Huh?” Isabelle said “You know, she is – “
Jace shouted “Clary! I need some help over here! Should I put up the banner where it says Congrats or the one which says –“
“I’m coming! Patience!” Clary screamed over the rock music playing from Isabelle’s IPod. After Clary came back, she turned to Isabelle who was partially dancing, and said “You were saying?”
Isabelle stopped dancing and turned to her and stared at her for few seconds and then said, “Oh yah, what I was saying was, do you need help with Jocelyn because she’s pregnant.”
Clary dropped her phone, on to the carpet, and screamed “WHAT?!”

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