Friday, September 2, 2016

The Infernal Devices

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Okay, so currently I’m reading (obsessing over) the Infernal Devices. I just cannot get enough of these amazing people. Wait, no. Not people. Shadowhunters and amazingly unusual warlocks. Yes, I’m taking about Will, Jem and Tessa. Read my previous post on the ‘terms’ used in the books by Cassandra Clare to understand better.

Before discovering the institute, Tessa Gray had a hard time. Her parents dead, her brother living somewhere else and she lived with her aunt. After few incidents that follow, she gets to know… she isn’t a mundane. She isn’t a shadowhunter and she isn’t a warlock. Well, she is partially a warlock. An unfamiliar kind of warlock. She is scared. She doesn’t know the Shadow or Down world.

When Tessa starts to look for her brother, Nathaniel Grey, she is abducted by ‘The Dark Sisters’ who are a part of this secret organization called The Pandemonium Club. She then shape shifts into a 14 year girl, who was just killed, and realized she could shape shift afterwards. She is attacked by this people called Downworlders and realizes she is one of them.

William Herondale, a Shadowhunter, comes to rescue her, and takes her to the institute.

She is taken to the Institute and meets Charlotte Barnwell, Henry Barnwell, Sophie Collins and Jessasmine Lovelace. She then meets James ‘Jem’ Carstairs.
Jem and Will, both shadowhunters and are each other’s parabatai. They legit would die for each other. But Jem, has this illness. This illness where he would die without taking this drug called ‘yin fen.’

When Jem had gotten to the New York Institute from the Shanghai Institute, he told them that his parents were killed by a demon, and that he would only live by taking the drug, though his lifespan would be limited.

Will on the other hand is distant to everyone, but shows interest in Tessa. (You’ll get to know more about Will if you read the trilogy) This is where there is a triangle, like Jace, Simon and Clary but this isn’t the main plot. Why would I tell you the main plot? All I can say is, Tessa is being hunted down by someone who wants her abilities.


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  1. Okay I REALLY want to read the trilogy now . Good job, but try to include more of your opinion than the storyline.

    1. I actually didn't want to include my opinion, because then it would be like,
      AHH, I LOVE HIM!

      So, I wanted it to be abt them

    2. Ill do the reviews for TMI, TID and The Dark Artifaces after the next book releases, like in April, 2017