Tuesday, November 22, 2016

After the Engagement - 4

Clary laughed and said, “Jace, your excuses are getting lamer every day. Can someone tell me why I can’t go home, or are you just saying this because you don’t want me going home?”
Simon put one of his hands on Clary’s shoulder and said, “No, Clary. Jace is telling the truth. The Wild Hunt, they actually want you.
Clary’s face darkened. Her eyes turned into fierce emeralds and she swept her long, red hair to the side. She then broke the silence by croaking, “What?”
Isabelle replied, “Yes. They want you. They want Valentine Morgenstern’s daughter. They want to turn her into something we always knew you’ll never be. You know what we are talking about, right?”
Clary was strong. She had fought Valentine, Sebastian or as Mom would like to say, Jonathon and here I am. Here I am with my loved ones. She knew, that the Wild Hunt always got what they wanted, but one thing was what she did not get. How could shadowhunters even turn into faeries? Of course, the Seelie Queen. She wanted to be on the winning side. Of course she helped.
Clary immediately felt like her head was spinning. She thought she was going to puke, but instead, everything blacked out and Clary felt herself falling into Jace’s arms.

Clary opened her eyes, and found herself in Jace’s bed. She then saw Jace sitting in the white chair, snoozing. She thought to herself, ‘how does Jace even manage to keep his room so clean? All the girls other probably would faint if they saw Jace and then how clean his room is. Wait, speaking of fainting, how long have I been out?’
Clary felt a delicate and warm touch on her fingers and shivered. Jace then said, “Exactly 24 hours, Fire.”
Clary sighed as she felt Jace’s hand tighten around hers. She said, “How did you know what I was thinking about, Goldilocks?”
Jace laughed, “I always know what you are thinking about. It’s either my amazing face or body.”
Clary hit his arm and then said, “What happened?”
Jace said, “Nothing much other than you fainting. Izzy postponed the party to next week and your mom is waiting outside.”
Clary shook her head and said, “I’m still angry at you, though. For not telling me about Mom.”
Jace gave her his signature smirk and then said, “Really? After all I’ve done? Oh, wait. You’re probably waiting for me to do this,” and he slowly moved his head towards Clary. Clary put her finger on his lips and said, “Nuh-uh. I’m not doing anything with my mom standing outside.”
Jace groaned and helped Clary out of her bed. Jace made sure Clary was steady and then opened the door for her.
Jocelyn was worried sick. Probably sicker than Clary. She said in a hurry, “Clary, Oh, and Clary. How are you baby?”
Clary smiled to the rhyme in her sentence and murmured, “I’m not dead, mom.”
Jocelyn slowly started, “So, um, you know about me and the Wild Hunt?”
Clary tried to smile, but failed, “Yes, mom. Congrats. And, I’m gonna die.”
Jocelyn didn’t sense the humor in that and said, “Oh, baby. Don’t say stuff like that.”

Jace started to laugh, but put his hand on his mouth and walked away.

Fangirl Forever,