Sunday, January 8, 2017

After the Engagement-5

Clary woke up in her old, mundane room. Luke had offered to clean up the old house instead of buying a new one as Clary wished. Clary has wondered what her life would have been like without her mom being a shadowhunter. Oh, wait. She wouldn’t be there then. But, if her mom and Valentine were mundanes. She’d have a normal life, with a brother and two working parents. On the other side, this abnormal had completely changed her life in a good and bad way. She had met amazing people like Jace, Iz, Alec and Magnus. If she could ever chose between these 2 lives, it’ll be the Shadowhunter life.
Clary snapped out of thoughts as her phone vibrated for a second. She grabbed her phone and saw over 2 messages from Izzy and Jace.
Iz: Clare, Alec’s in a coma. You need to come. Now
Jace: Alec is in a coma.
What? Alec? Possibly the most protective and careful shadowhunter? No, no, no, no. Why do these things always happen to me? Clary put on proper clothes and rushed to the institute to find Jace sitting outside Alec’s room.
She held Jace’s hands and asked him, “What happened?” Jace looked up and Clary saw his eyes all red and puffy. She’d only seen Jace cry a few times. Her eyes soon filled with tears, but she had to hold them back for Jace. To give him the courage he’d always given her. He slowly said, “Typical car accident. Doctor said he’ll be in a coma for 6 months,” and held her arms, pulled her closer and said, “6 MONTHS, CLARY!”
“At least, he’ll be out soon, Jace. Thank the Angel, I thought the Wild Hunt did something! Jace its okay. When I was 15, I was in a coma too. For 2 months. I don’t remember why.  It’ll be fine.”
Clary hugged Jace and saw Isabelle come out of the room. Iz saw Clary and pulled Clary into her room which was across Alec’s.
Isabelle burst into tears. She said between the sobs and gasped, ‘”Cl-Cl-Clary. I-It was not a-an accident. The W-Wild Hunt. It was them, Clary. Magnus, he helped. He doesn’t want to tell Jace the truth. He wants to tell him at the right time. L-Like after Alec is up or something. He doesn’t want too much stress on him.”
Clary couldn’t agree with Magnus. Jace could take anything. He took in the fact of Clary being his sister. He took in the fact of Valentine being his father. He could definitely take this in. Clary slowly said as Iz calmed down, “Who all know about this?” Izzy said everyone knew about Alec getting into an accident, but only You, Magnus and herself who knew.
Clary nodded but didn’t settle with Jace not knowing this. She called Simon in so he could accompany Isabelle. She went to Jace’s room and saw him snoozing with his phone in his hand. He was sitting on a wooden chair with a cushion.  He looked so peaceful when he slept. His blonde hair was slightly messed up and the beam of sunlight was shining on few strands which made his hair look lighter than always. His phone was about to fall out of his hand and so she slowly walked over to him and took the phone out of his hand. She had put it on the bed and kissed his hair.

Jace’s phone started to vibrate. She picked up the phone and saw a message. It was from…

Fangirl Forever,