Friday, March 3, 2017

After the Engagement-6


It was from… Mark. Clary checked the message and it said,
Mark: Jace, we are all ready to go. Emma, Jules and I. Let’s go find out the truth.
Clary was confused. What truth? Head where? Why Emma, Julian and Mark? Why was Jace hiding this from Clary? He usually never does. He never hides anything.
 Clary didn’t want to wake him up then so she walked out of the room, putting the phone back down onto the bed.
She had slowly closed the door thinking about the “so-called” truth. Maybe something related to the Wild Hunt? No. Why would Emma and Julian be involved? Nothing else had struck Clary’s mind. I mean, why is Jace hiding something from me? THAT TOO, something that involves Mark and the others!
Clary had paced around the Institute waiting for time to pass by. Waiting for Jace to wake up. The clock hands moved so slowly and Jace didn’t wake up for about 2 hours. Finally, Clary heard Jace’s door creak open, and she didn’t want to burst out with questions.
 He ran his hand through his messed up hair and his drowsy eyes looked at Clary, like she was anxious. Jace wondered why and asked quite concerned, “What happened babe?”
Clary had sternly looked Jace in the eye and said, “Jace. You aren’t hiding anything from me, right?” Jace stuttered slightly and said, “Uh. “ He was scared if Clary got to know what he was up to. If she knew that he was going straight into war just for her. Just for her safety. That he would probably get his Marks stripped off by disobeying the Clave’s orders which were not to start conflict before the Wild Hunt did.
Jace told Clary, “Maybe you should sit down,” because he wasn’t going to keep anything from Clary, again.
“No! I want to come!” screamed Clary. Jace said with a higher voice than last time, “No Clary. You haven’t trained enough! If anything happened to you, I just can’t. Plus, I almost lost you once, Im not going to test my luck!”
Clary said with a calm tone, “Jace Herondale. I’ve trained for quite a while, and I think Im perfectly good with my offense and defense. I should be the one testing my luck, not you or anyone. That’s what being a shadowhunter is about. About defending and fighting for yourself. Not by putting anyone else in danger. Especially you.”
Jace pleaded, “Clary, I’ve trained my whole life. My whole life for becoming a shadowhunter. Now, I assure you, you aren’t putting me in any danger.”
“But Jace-“
“I am. I’m putting myself there. In danger. For you. Because, I’d do anything for you. You are my other half. Wait, you are three-fourth of me. Because, I really need that one-fourth, hun,” Jace said smiling.
Clary tried hard not to smile, grinned as Jace pulled her into a hug. Clary immediately pushed back and said, “Jace, I really don’t support this. I really don’t support this idea. At all. Especially when Emma and the boys are going along with you. Just for me. Plus, I don’t even know what you guys are going to do once you go there! Like 4 of you guys against the hundreds of faes?”
Jace said quite composed, “Clary, we aren’t exactly going to fight them. We’re just going to go there, and I assume you read my text, so, we’re just going to go and find out the truth. Just like what Mark said.”
Clary nodded and silently went away. Jace saw Clary wipe her eyes as if there were tears. Or there were.

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