Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Shadowhunters: Episode 10 spoilers.


Yes, Finally! All the things I've been dying to see happen have happened in the Winter Finale of the Shadowhunters Season 2 from the books. *Tons of Spoilers below.*

  1. Jace tries to destroy the Sword, but instead activates it as he has pure angel blood and not demon blood.
  2. Valentine finally tells Jace that he is not his son and Clarissa's brother. Jace wants to tell Clary that they are not siblings.
  3. Raphael confesses that he has feelings for Isabelle but it is only beacause of her Shadowhunter blood. Isabelle then refuses the Yin Fen directly from Raph and walks away from him.
  4. MALEC: Alec and Magnus say they love each other <3 <3 
  5. Simon figures out he can resist the light and rushes to Clary to show her. 
  6. As Clary and Simon kiss in the light, Jace sees them and turns sad. 
  7. A glimpse of Sebastian Verlac? Maybe. 

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